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Drown in a world of fantasy or fandom love.
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Avatar sharing and icon tutorial help.
Fandom Avatars

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1. No spamming. Your posts will have tags which means that people can find your posts easily. More than one post is not neccessary - however multiple posts can be done if spaced out generously.

2. No harassing. You will be allowed to have open opinions about things, but constructive criticism is allowed only. Apologies - but I want to avoid as many flame wars as possible.

3. No porn (random internet people doing it.) If you post R or NC17 material from an actual FANDOM, then the avatars must be hidden with a cut and people must be warned. Same with rule 5.

4. External entry linking is allowed. However if you do, please specify which avatars are in your journal entry AND (read number 3) if the avatars are unsuitable for some eyes.

5. Bloodthirsty violence - read rule 3.

Special Events


Sometimes we run contests for the best looking avatars out there. The theme may be something like humour or fluff or best pairing, and you must come up with either an avatar (or as many avatars as you like) to enter. The better looking it is, then the more likely it is to be chosen as the winning avatar.

Prizes can vary. At the moment no prizes have been decided upon, since no contest is open at the present moment. Check back later.


Club Promotion

Affiliating is the best way to promote a new club, and the best way for others to visit other clubs that they may be interested in, or which may be similar to the one you're affiliating on your club profile/s.

If you would like to affiliate with us, simply us a message and we will put you up on our club profile. In return, you must do the same on your profile. If you'd ever like to stop affiliating with us, please let us know. Thank you!

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